Saturday, 10 May 2008

Knitting Bee Bounty.

Knitting Bee this month was at Marianne's house. Another chum, brought a bag of unwanted yarn with her in an attempt to increase her cupboard space. I managed to resist most of it except for some 4ply pure wool yarn in a colour I can only describe as Gentleman's Sock Grey. Enough however for many socks for me and a chance to practise my dyeing skills.

Here is the result, it was probably a mistake asking Magnus to model it for me. I'm beginning to understand how the pigeon felt. The nice thing is, I showed the yarn to Anne, the previous owner and she thought it was some exotic silky expensive stuff.

On the continuing saga of the tail, I'm afraid the vet has decreed that it has to come off - not the whole thing but definately the bit that doesn't work any more, ( see first picture for details. ) Archie is already sharpening the axe!


TD wool design said...

it doesn't seem to bother him. especially with the "bunnyfeet" in the second picture. i mean, it looks like he is in good spirits! poor boy. hope the pigeons won't mock him or call him stubb.

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Poor Magnus! :-(

Beutiful dye job! I especially like the purple. ;-)

Karin said...

Beautiful dyejob, indeed!
Did HE manage to out the yarn on himself, or did you help?

Cindy G said...

I was chuckling so through the series that I didn't even notice the tail. Poor Magnus!

The colors are yummy, I would be so tempted to do stipes using all three.

Mary Jane said...

That darn cat! He makes me laugh everytime I see him. It's great to catch up on his and your adventures. Sorry about the bum tail,I'm sure whatever happens will lend an air of distinction, not that he doesn't possess that in spades already!

zippiknits said...

I love reading here, and thank you for your comment on my blog.

The cat tail... My DDs' cat had to have the end of her glorious poof removed because it was broken by a bite. They have two cats, Tuna and an aggrocat named Shadow. Best wishes to your kitty!

zippiknits said...

So, you age your yarn this way do you, by giving it to the Assistant to test tensile strength?