Friday, 28 March 2008

Oh Delia!

There's a new TV show on the BBC called How to Cheat at Cooking. It's just wrong, all wrong. I'm hoping that there will be a revolution and a new show will start instead called How to Make Simple Tasty Things Without Using Frozen Mashed Potato and Tinned Mince. It would be a surefire hit especially if it included this signature dish from my vast repertoire of nosh.

Eggy Bread

Take some old bread and slice, you may have some already sliced.
Crack a couple of eggs into a little bowl and beat well and season.
Place egg in a shallow-ish bowl and add the bread.
Turn the bread so that the egg soaks in on both sides but not so much that it falls apart.

Put some butter or oil in a frying pan. Butter is tastiest.
Add eggy bread being careful to avoid disintegration.
Cook over gentle heat and turn over so that both sides brown and cook completely.
Eat with gusto, brown sauce or the condiment of your choosing.

Tune in next week for cheese and biscuits!


TD wool design said...

sounds delish! i make something similar and pour maple syrup over the top. and am looking forward to your next recipe. need a good one.
thanks for your kind comments. :)
have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Frugality said...

Mmmm...eggy bread is a personal favourite.
As for Delia, at first I thought it was a good idea ,for people who might have forgotten how to cook(or have never tried)...but it didn't take long before I was wondering what kind of back handers she was getting for the product placements.

Robin said...

Here that sort of dish is called "French Toast", as long as one slathers it with butter and some sort of sweet, like jam or syrup or brown sugar.

And there's an American show called "Semi-Homemade Cooking" which sounds a lot like your cheater show. She uses canned/frozen foods and dresses them up to look like real food. She ends every show with a fancy cocktail for the meal. I'd need to get liquored up if I had to eat that food, too.

Cindy G said...

French toast a/k/a eggy bread is one of the few (very few) dishes I can cook to perfection. For the sweet version, it's nice to add a little cinnamon to the eggs.
I would love a cooking show with easy real food.

Michelle said...

mmm. French toast. make it with baguettes or brioche...sigh.

Ivywindow said...

I couldn't agree more with the whole Delia thing. It could lead to shouty ranting if I let it. Have you ever made an eggy bread fried sandwich with cheese in the middle? Even more evil...

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