Sunday, 5 August 2007

Visiting the Duke of Portland

I'm on the sofa in a delicate state after last nights 50th birthday party on a farm just outside Forfar. My lovely knitting bee chum Julie was the birthday girl and the house was full of friends family and dogs. Julie is a spinner as well as a knitter, not to mention the patchwork, crochet and all manner of other clever things. She can even spin dog hair, which is handy as I could do with a little hair of the dog right now. In the winter I have plans to get her to teach me how to use a drop spindle.....
There was food, wine, beer, gin and all manner of good spirits, the weather was on our side too and we sat out around the bonfire. Neil, Julie's partner has a band called The Duke of Portland, they played some songs and then there was a free for all with guitars, djembe, flute, harmonica, mandolin and voices. Just right for a summer evening. We went home with good memories and the smell of woodsmoke on our clothes.

Earlier on in the week I took some photos of Anna stepdaughter's film/dance project that she is working on. I don't often get the chance to photograph people so this was a great opportunity. There were six dancers and I spent two hours or so in the rehearsal room with them, enjoying their agility and physical confidence. Unfortunately the room was infested with flying ants which made for some interesting dance moves.

Archie finished the painting long before I had got even halfway through the mountain of pictures to scan. The rooms look lovely and bright and I'm relieved to be able to walk through the house without putting my clothing in peril. Days later I've been finding odd marks the same colour as the walls on my jeans, my shirts, my coat. Must talk to Anna's dancers about improving my sense of balance.

There are no photos of the party, I had the sensible thought that I should leave my expensive friend at home - cameras, alcohol and bonfires are a dangerous combination!

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Cindy G said...

Sounds like a wonderful party!